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Wrist and hand pain

Wrist and hand pain are common conditions but can have many variable causative factors. From joint degeneration and inflammatory conditions to tendon irritation and nerve compression, the wrist and hand can elicit a strong pain response. With clinical examination and diagnostic ultrasound Clinic 360 will look into your wrist and hand to find out whats really going on.

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Wrist & hand pain treatment

The wrist joint helps position the hand in a variety of positions; it then helps stabilise the hand to ensure a strong grip or delicate finger movements can be made. The wrist can also come under extreme compressive forces, such as when using a hammer or garden spade. All these actions mean the wrist joint is prone to injury and painful irritation.

There are over fifteen tendons that pass across the wrist joint and, therefore, tendon inflammation is quite common. The joint itself is also prone to inflammation and this in turn can generate compression on nerve tissue. It is important with any wrist pain to first establish which structures are irritated or damaged.

The hand is no different, with tendinopathies and joint irritation being common and painful conditions. Mobilisation exercises and injection therapy can provide much needed relief of pain and help correct underlying tissue problems, but for any treatment to be success it is essential a diagnosis is first established.

Clinical examination, and when needed, a diagnositic ultrasound scan can provide a detailed picture as to what is causing your painful condition. After establishing the nature of the problem, Clinic 360 can deliver the most appropriate treatment to ensure your recovery is optimised.

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