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Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is a common problem that can start for a number of different reasons. Clinical examination and diagnostic ultrasound can help find the cause of your pain. Once a diagnosis is established then Clinic 360 can help provide you with the best scientifically proven treatment.

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Shoulder pain treatment

Shoulder pain affects many people and can cause significant problems at work, during sport and when trying to sleep. The experience of pain from a shoulder problem may not be felt in the joint itself and many people often describe symptoms in the top of their arm, even their hand.

Clinic 360 will assess your shoulder joint and provide you with a diagnosis. By linking a clinical examination with the latest technology in ultrasound sonography, Clinic 360 can see directly into your shoulder tissues and live images can be used to assess for damaged tissue and inflammation. By gaining an accurate diagnosis we can help select the most appropriate and evidence based treatment to help you regain your best health. For many Ultrasound guided injections can provide excellent relief of pain by minimising inflammation. With the correction of muscle function Clinic 360 can help resolve your shoulder problem.

Is your shoulder pain related to sport?

If you get your shoulder pain when swimming, playing golf, cricket or any other sport, then Clinic 360 can help you. With ultrasound diagnostics and video analysis we are able to identify which tissues are causing you a painful problem. By reducing inflammation and correcting movement and sports specific techniques we can help you regain sporting success. Please visit our section on Treatment or Make an appointment and start your recovery now.

Typical shoulder problems that Clinic 360 can manage include; Frozen shoulder, Shoulder impingement, Rotator cuff pathology, Osteoarthritis and Scapular dysfunction.

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