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Neck pain

Neck pain is common and affects most of us at some time during our lives. This is not surprising as the neck has the relentless job of positioning our head in space throughout the entire day. Muscle tension, joint irritation and even nerve compression can be part of the problem. Find out how Clinic 360 can assess, diagnose and treat your neck pain.

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Neck pain treatment

Whilst we might not feel the true extent of the neck muscles working, they are, and they continue to work every second of the day. Their job is to hold up a head that on average weighs 5kg or over 10 pounds in weight.

With injury’s such as whiplash, the onset of pain can be quite sudden and once initiated the tissue irritation can be slow to settle down. It is difficult to fully rest the neck and also uncommon for people to consider that the neck may require strengthening. It is, however, very common that certain neck muscles become tight and over used while others become long and weak. Identifying these muscle problems and correcting this imbalance can provide a good start to helping anyone with neck pain.

Whilst trapped nerves and disc problems still remain clinical possibilities, Clinic 360 is best placed to help identify what the key problems are and commence treatment specific for the needs of the individual.

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