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Knee pain

The knee joint is particularly vulnerable to damage and degeneration simply because it has to carry us us throughout our entire life. Activities that involve twisting, kneeling, running and jumping only add further to the mechanical strain. An accurate diagnosis is therefore essential to ensure treatment is effective. With diagnostic ultrasound, video analysis and years of orthopaedic clinical experience, Clinic 360 can help get you back in the action.

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Knee pain treatment

The knee joint is vulnerable to injury and degeneration. It supports the full weight of your body and has to cope with twisting and impact forces. In running and jumping and even when simply stepping off a pavement the actual force placed on the knee is typically three times your weight. Consequently any problems with alignment or a lack of ligament or muscle support and joint degeneration can initiate a strong pain response.

Clinic 360 is able to assess your knee and provide you with a diagnosis. Depending on the clinical presentation an ultrasound scan may be used to assess the joint for ligament and tendon damage, whilst slow motion video analysis can check for problems with alignment and muscle recruitment. By gaining an accurate diagnosis we can help select the most appropriate and evidence based treatment to help you regain your best health.

The use of ultrasound guided injections can help ease inflammation and bespoke rehabilitation for the individuals needs can ensure the joint works to the best of its ability. Conditions such as Osteoarthritis can be effectively managed with injection therapy and specific exercises,  and can prevent or delay the need for surgery.


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