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Hip pain

The hip is a ball and socket joint designed to generate movement and is powered with large muscles to help us climb stairs,walk and run. When the joint becomes painful our mobility can therefore suffer. Clinic 360 can help provide an accurate diagnosis and determine which tissues are irritated or damaged. With a range of evidence based treatments to help correct diagnosed problems Clinic 360 can get you up and maybe even running!

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Hip pain treatment

The hip joint is a ball and socket structure and, therefore, should allow for an excellent range of movement. Lifestyle, age and injury can all play a part in decreasing this movement and with a lifestyle of seated work for many people it is common to find the supporting muscles have also become weakened. Without appropriate support the joint is always at risk of becoming irritated.

In other situations an active person may believe their range of movement is good and strength has been maintained, but again it is typical, even in top athletes to identify hip joint problems related to alignment and relative strength.

At Clinic 360 we can provide a medical examination including ultrasound scans to check for damage and significant degeneration. In the case of joint irritation and degeneration there is often pain arising from inflammation. By using the latest technology in Ultrasound guided injections, Clinic 360 can now perform intra-articular injections of the hip joint. As one client recently stated, this can be life changing with regards to freedom of movement and pain management.

Not all pain arises from inflammation and therefore Clinic 360  can also provide slow motion video analysis to review a person’s lifting or running technique and look for the subtleties in movement patterns that can over time initiate a re-current and frustrating hip pain.

With the latest equipment in Ultrasound technology Clinic 360 can also perform ultrasound guided hip injections which can have an excellent benefit, reducing pain from osteoarthritis.

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