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Elbow pain

If you have elbow pain you will realise how important the joint is for everyday life. Tennis elbow and Golfers elbow are two common problems that can respond to tissue mobilisation and injection therapy; but there are other causes for elbow pain and therefore an accurate diagnosis is always the first step to ensure your treatment is correct. Find out how Clinic 360 can assess, diagnose and treat your elbow pain.

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Elbow pain treatment

The elbow is a hinge joint which allows you to bend and straighten your arm. It is unusual to get significant joint degeneration at the elbow unless there has been a previous history of bone fracture.¬†The joint, however, can be associated with muscle and tendon pain and a condition called ‘Tennis Elbow’ is quite common.

Given we are constantly using our hands to grip, type, write and hold many different things the muscles and tendons can be become irritated and elicit a pain response.

With severe ‘Tennis Elbow,’ a normally strong person can have difficulty in picking up a cup of tea!¬†Obviously not all pain associated with the elbow is ‘Tennis Elbow’ pain and, therefore, it is important to establish a diagnosis before any treatment is administered.

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