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Back pain

Back pain is a common problem that affects 80% of the population at some point in their life. An accurate diagnosis, understanding pain and learning how to manage the health of your spine is therefore essential. With medical assessment, diagnosis and bespoke programmes of rehabilitation, Clinic 360 provides a real solution to your back problem.

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Many people jump to the conclusion that their back pain is related to a disc or a trapped nerve; sometimes referred to as Sciatica. Whilst this can be true there are many more common problems that can generate strong pain and a pain experience that travels down either leg. It is therefore recommended that with an experience of back pain you first establish a diagnosis.

The gold standard for the diagnosis of tissue-based pathology of the spine is an MRI scan. This shows detailed images of spinal discs, nerves, facet joints, ligaments and muscles. By visualising these structures, we can then determine the severity of your spinal problem.

For some people, surgery is a valid treatment option but for the vast majority, the reassurance that there is no major structural damage is an essential step in the management of their condition.

Common causes of back pain include Facet and Sacroiliac joint irritation along with muscles and postural induced tissue strain. These problems if correctly identified can be managed with appropriate changes in muscle recruitment, strength and posture.

Further treatment now includes ultrasound guided injections. By using the latest ultrasound technology Clinic 360 is able to clearly identify facet joints within the spine and performed guided injections to relieve irritation and inflammation. By using ultrasound as opposed to x-ray guidance Clinic 360 can provide a significant cost saving to clients requiring spinal injections.

Additional Bio mechanical analysis may also surprise you as how problematic your posture and movement actually is!

Once diagnosed correctly, for some people the simplest of changes can bring about the greatest of relief. With any back pain experience the process should start with a clear diagnosis. From here a treatment plan can be developed.

Clinic 360 has a wealth of clinical experience in providing diagnosis and personal bespoke programmes of rehabilitation. Clinic 360 is realistic in what can be self-managed and what requires corrective surgery. We can help speed your journey towards the best possible outcome irrespective of what’s required.

For a comprehensive assessment and appropriate clinical treatment, trust Clinic 360 to ensure your pain is treated the scientific way.

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