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Understanding pain

An experience of pain is different for each individual. Furthermore, pain is never ‘just in the mind’ or ‘just in the body’. It is a complicated mixture of signals from the body and how the brain interprets them. At Clinic 360 our clinicians understand, reassure and guide our patients to a proper diagnosis, treatment and management of pain.

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Understanding pain

Over the last 20 years there have been some major changes in how the scientific world understands an individual’s experience of pain. It has now been established that an experience of pain is an ‘output’ or ‘construct’ of the brain. So, what does this mean?

Our brains constantly receive information from millions of sensors positioned throughout our entire body. Information from our sense of touch, smell, taste, sight and sound are processed along with body’s internal sensors to check on temperature, chemical activity and mechanical pressure. In this way we maintain our health. We adjust our blood pressure, sweat or shiver to regulate our temperature and experience hunger and thirst in order that we eat and drink.

Our experience of pain is part of this natural design and it is the mechanism designed to protect us. If we touch something too hot then the resulting pain will make us move quickly and hopefully we can avoid being burnt. Every animal has these basic mechanisms from which a warning can be initiated by extreme temperature, chemical changes and mechanical force, like getting your finger trapped in a door.

Pain from these protective mechanisms is quite easy to understand, but a pain experience that starts without any apparent reason generally causes much more concern. That’s why an accurate diagnosis is essential and why Clinic 360 uses diagnostic ultrasound to help reveal what is happening to tissues beneath the skin. If a person raises their arm and experiences pain then maybe internal tissues are being trapped. Without appropriate investigation the cause of the pain is often guess work. Clinic 360 can help take the guess work out of your diagnosis.

At Clinic 360 we also understand how the brain can become sensitised to long term pain impulses. This can develop into a secondary problem which is medically termed as Chronic pain. Recognising this problem is also essential to ensure a complete diagnosis is established and your pain can be treated in the best scientific way.

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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain relates to pain that is widespread and has continued well beyond normal tissue healing time. It results in changes taking place within the bodies pain mechanism itself. A light touch for example, which previously was experienced as pressure is now experienced as pain.

The unwanted pain experience for which there appears to be no clear mechanical reason adds an emotional response. The person in pain does not want to be in pain but their anxiety and frustration actually fuel the intensity of their pain experience.

How we can help

There are no magic wands and certainly no magic tablets, as most persons with Chronic Pain will have already found out, but with understanding, reassurance and guidance Clinic 360 can help a person regain control and assist them to make changes to create better health.

If you have been suffering with long-term pain and you feel it is time for a change then please book an appointment at Clinic 360 for a Chronic Pain Assessment.

Pain Perception and the Human Brain

Watch this video for a scientific review of chronic pain and how it affects the function of the brain. It refers to pain as a degenerative condition but please don’t think that this means it is totally irreversible. With new and appropriate conditioning chronic pain can be modified; a quality of life can be restored although it requires a shift in thought and not necessarily a change in muscle and bone tissue.

Pain Perception Video

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