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Frozen shoulder or ‘adhesive capsulitis’ is a common cause of shoulder pain and stiffness. This condition typically occurs in individuals aged between 40-60 years of age, more common in women and those with diabetes.

The usual treatment for frozen shoulder consists of pain medication and physiotherapy. At Clinic 360 we can provide additional treatment which can further benefit the patient. Initially through guided corticosteroid injections to decrease pain and a hydrodistension procedure to regain shoulder function.

An ultrasound-guided hydrodistension involves injecting a mixture of mainly saline (salt water), local anaesthetic and steroid injected directly into the shoulder capsule to produce a mechanical stretch that breaks any adhesions. This subsequently decreases pain and improve the range of movement at the shoulder.

Conditions Used for:

  • Frozen shoulder

*We typically require a recent x-ray of the shoulder prior to this procedure. We can organise if this has not already been done.