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At Clinic 360 in Leeds, we assess treatment methods very carefully and choose exactly the right solution that is applicable to your individual diagnosis.  Ultrasound guided injection therapy is a specialist treatment which involves injecting anesthetic, anti inflammatory and / or joint enhancement solutions to specific targeted areas within joints, bursa and tendon sheaths.

The resultant changes to your bodies tissue can promote better health, less inflammation and more freedom of movement and less pain.

Does it work?

Injection therapy administered by Clinic 360 is successful in most cases because Clinic 360 only inject after an accurate tissue based diagnosis has been made. We do not simply inject blindly into tissues where our clients say they feel the pain. Please visit our section on understanding pain.

When tissues are diagnosed under ultrasound scan and are shown to have vascular and/or inflammatory changes then the administration of an ultrasound guided injection works to suppress the inflammatory response . It is as simple as that.

It is important to remember that an injection is often one part of a complete treatment process and the client will also need to modify their activity / pattern of movement. If a person continues to irritate a joint for example then no treatment will make it better. You can’t keeping trapping your finger in a door and expect the pain the go away!

If someone has told you injections don’t work or this has been your own experience then maybe your diagnosis was wrong or maybe the injection wasn’t guided and the solution didn’t reach the right place.

At Clinic 360 our review appointments will often re-scan after an injection and we will show you the changes that have occurred within the targeted tissue.

Clinic 360 will make an accurate diagnosis and deliver evidence based treatments. Treating pain the scientific way.



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Josh Wheatley
MSc Phys, MCSP, HCPC, PgD Med Ultrasound, Dip Inj Therapy, Independent Prescriber

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BSc(Hons) Phys MCSP , HCPC, Dip Ortho Med, Dip Inj Therapy, Independent Prescriber