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Injection therapy

Why use guided injections?

Guided injections are highly effective when an accurate diagnosis has been made. There are many different types of injections and medications/viscosupplements that can be administered to help patients along a process of recovery. Guided injections allow for pinpoint accuracy making sure that the medication is targeted at the source of inflammation and/or tissue damage.

What happens during an ultrasound guided injection?

As with other imaging modalities, ultrasound does not expose patients to radiation and as such is the safest and quickest way to administer guided injections in real time.

An ultrasound probe is placed on your skin with a layer of gel placed between the footprint of the probe and the skin to allow the ultrasound waves to produce an image of the structures below. Once the exact location of inflammation and/or tissue damage has been visualised a needle is then entered through the skin and is carefully guided by the live images on the screen.

What happens next?

It is important to remember that injections are often just part of the process of providing patients with the best possible outcomes. Rehabilitation that aims to optimise the mechanics of how a joint operates is also an important process and one that is fundamental in addressing musculoskeletal disorders.

We also see a number of patients for repeat imaging especially those with acute tendon/muscle tears and chronic tendinopathies. The information we gather from the ultrasound scan will help guide rehabilitation protocols and provides objective data on how well a structure is progressing as it undergoes a return to activity be that high-end elite sport or return to general lifestyle activities.

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