At Clinic 360 our success in providing appropriate treatment is based on our ability to make an accurate diagnosis. Whether your problem is related to damaged tissue, Chronic pain or bio-mechanical dysfunction we will then link your diagnosis to the most appropriate evidence based treatment.

Our treatments are scientifically proven, research approved and recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Efficacy (NICE).  At Clinic 360 we don’t simply try to cover up your experience of pain with heat, massage or medication. At Clinic 360 we aim to provide you with a diagnosis and evidence based treatments that are proven to have success in restoring best health.

At Clinic 360 we acknowledge that not every problem is fixable, but with a good understanding of the problem people can make excellent progress. Simply understanding why you are in pain can make a significant difference.

At Clinic 360, you receive a complete evidence based treatment package which may include the following forms of treatment dependant on your diagnosed problem:

Exercise rehabilitation
Our bespoke rehabilitation room is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art functional resistance equipment and our practitioners will prescribe concise exercise programmes of rehabilitation specific to your needs.

Injection therapy
Injection therapy is a treatment for reducing inflammation and research demonstrates that ultrasound guided injections give better levels of pain relief with longer lasting effects.

Movement analysis
Linked with corrective exercises and tissue mobilisation the study of movement analysis can provide valuable detail to ensure your body’s alignment and balance is appropriate for your activity, work related task or sporting performance.

Tissue mobilisation
Tissue mobilisation may form part of your complete treatment plan. Injection therapy, for example, may reduce inflammation, exercises will strengthen supporting muscles and soft tissue mobilisation will help loosen joint and tissue stiffness.


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