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At Clinic 360 our success in providing effective treatment is based on our ability to make an accurate diagnosis. Whether your problem is related to damaged tissue, inflammatory pain or a biomechanical dysfunction; we are able to link your diagnosis to the most appropriate evidence-based treatment.

Our treatments are scientifically proven, research approved and recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Efficacy (NICE).

The winning formula for appropriate treatment is to identify areas of tissue inflammation and help correct any chemical imbalance with pharmacology. As you can see from our treatment menu there is a range of injections to suit different problems.

The other key factor for helping to restore best health involves the mechanical function of joints and muscles. Targeted Physical therapy and programmes of rehabilitation will, therefore, help improve posture, movement and strength.

At Clinic 360, by combining specific guided injections with improvements to strength and movement, we are able to optimise health and decrease symptoms of pain.

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For real examples of our ability to deliver successful treatment please review the comments made by our customers below.

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