Ultrasound scans

If you are suffering with muscle, tendon or joint pain, then ultrasound scans are a safe, non invasive technique to accurately and swiftly help provide a diagnosis. At Clinic 360, our practitioners are MSK trained specialists in the use of ultrasound scanning for both diagnosis and guided injection therapy treatment.

Clinic 360 uses the latest technology in ultrasound scanning to see exactly what’s happening underneath your skin. We have invested in extremely high specification equipment which enables us to perform a detailed investigation and discover just how your tissues are moving and detect any abnormalities or inflamed / damaged tissue.

Clinic 360 can perform ultrasound scans on all peripheral joints (shoulders, elbows, wrist, hand, hip, knee and ankle).  There are however times when other types of investigations are required such as MRI scans and x-rays. The clinicians at Clinic 360 have years of orthopaedic medical experience and can therefore help select and organise any additional tests if they are required.

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Josh Wheatley
MSc Phys, MCSP, HCPC, PgD Med Ultrasound, Dip Inj Therapy, Independent Prescriber

Chris Creaghan
BSc(Hons) Phys MCSP , HCPC, Dip Ortho Med, Dip Inj Therapy, Independent Prescriber