How we diagnose

Understanding pain is an important stage in the process of diagnosis. For many people their real problem does not get diagnosed because too much emphasis is placed on their description and location of pain. Pain is definitely our bodies way of letting us know something is wrong: a description of ‘pain’ is not however diagnostic.

At Clinic 360 we will therefore listen to how your pain is affecting you but we will also assess your muscles, joints and nerve function to find out the real problem. Don’t be too alarmed to find out your knee pain is because you have a hip problem or your aching forearm is because you have tendon damage in your shoulder.

To enhance our ability to make accurate diagnosis Clinic 360 often uses diagnostic ultrasound scans to reveal structural problems that simply can’t otherwise be seen. There are many examples of people who suffer with pain and receive treatment for their pain, but fail to get better because they are not fixing the underlying problem.

A detailed history of how your problem first started can provide the initial clue as to the nature of why you are in pain. From here we will then physically assess your muscles and joints to check strength, range of movement and structural stability. There are many medical tests that can be performed so it is important that you are directed along an appropriate clinical pathway. The team at Clinic 360 has extensive experience in making sure your tests and any additional investigations are relevant to your problem.

For some people their pain is associated with tissue irritation and would not show up on any radiological scans. For these problems Clinic 360 may use DartFish slow motion video analysis to capture movement dysfunction. Maybe your problem, as painful as it is, is related to your posture, alignment or patterns of movement.

Clinic 360 also recognise the problem of chronic pain and how the complexities of interpreting pain signals can cause significant distress and frustration to the person suffering.

With years of clinical experience at Clinic 360 we can help diagnose your problem.

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