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Further investigation

There are times when additional imaging is required to confirm a diagnosis, for example around the spine, for suspected pathology of bone (traumatic and atraumatic) or to assess structures that lay within a joint where ultrasound only has a supportive role.

Imaging alone is only part of how a diagnosis is made. There are many things that show up on investigations that are not relevant to a person’s problem.

That’s why its important that scans are put in a clinical context so it can be decided on the most appropriate next step. Following your clinical examination it may be recommended that we organise some further investigations to get the correct diagnosis and prior to an interventional procedure. Below is a list of some of the investigations we can organise for you.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):
1 area £330
2 areas £495
3 areas £660
Contrast £80
1 area £90
2 area £138
3 area £186

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