Bio-mechanical analysis

Tissues in the body don’t have to be damaged in order to elicit a pain response. There are many times when pain is experienced because joints, muscles and tendons are placed in a position where they could cause damage, but as yet no major tissue damage has occurred.

Sometimes a person in pain may be convinced they have a badly degenerative knee joint for example, but further investigation only serves to confirm there isn’t any major tissue damage. In this situation it is likely their pain is because of a bio-mechanical dysfunction.

In many situations pain can arise because of altered patterns of movement, poor joint alignment and abnormal forces placed on the bodies tissues. To help make an accurate diagnosis of this type of problem Clinic 360 uses a range of bio-mechanical feedback equipment.

Slow motion video analysis (DartFish) can help reveal in-appropriate movement patterns that the naked eye just can’t see.

Hydraulic resistance equipment (Keiser) is used to measure muscle performance and record differences in the power output of muscles whilst the individual client performs task or sport related activities.

Surface electrodes can measure specific muscle recruitment and again help identify problems that are causative in generating a movement dysfunction.

Whilst you feel the pain we observe, measure, quantify and determine where your exact problem is. At Clinic 360 we detect and help correct movement dysfunction, allowing you to movement better and with less pain.

With a clinical team that has experience in all the major sports, Clinic 360 isn’t just a medically trained practice it is a bespoke clinic with personal experience at World, European and National championship level. Book your appointment to help sart your journey towards better health and a life less painful.


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