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Bio-mechanical analysis

Biomechanical analysis is the study of how the body moves. Whether you enjoy running, cycling, swimming or racket sports, how your body moves will ultimately determine how the mechanical stress is placed on your joints.

At Clinic 360 in order to provide a comprehensive diagnostic service we also utilise slow motion video footage. This can help determine predisposing factors to injury. It also enables us to prescribe specific and targeted exercises to correct any identified biomechanical dysfunction.

In conjunction with personal strength and conditioning practitioners’ clinic 360 is able to provide a complete package of care.

Case Study

52-year-old gentlemen with right hip and groin pain. Examination and ultrasound scan revealed early Osteoarthritis of the hip joint. Biomechanical analysis identified functional weakness in both core stability and gluteal recruitment.

Guided intraarticular hip injection suppressed the inflammatory process and specific strengthening optimised the mechanics to reduce subsequent irritation.

The patient had a significant reduction in pain and was able to resume normal activities.

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