If you are in pain and would like to know why, then Clinic 360 can provide the answers and deliver the solution. At Clinic 360, we understand the importance of an accurate and detailed diagnosis which is why we undertake a complete physical examination which may include ultrasound imagery to look directly at tissues underneath your  skin. This provides you with an enhanced diagnosis from which we can then determine the most suitable treatment to help fix your problem.

Clinic 360 has invested in the very latest state-of the-art ultrasound scanning equipment which enables us to perform very detailed investigations. We can discover exactly how your tissues are moving and detect any abnormalities or inflamed / damaged tissue. We also use DartFish bio-mechanical analysis to help us find problems with movement dysfunction and sporting activities.

The initial consultation will establish the history of your problem and the actions that contribute to your pain. We will then perform a physical examination which will involve assessments of joint movements and tissue palpation. Our knowledge of orthopaedic medicine enables us to both perform these tests and interpret the findings.

Accurate diagnosis is the first step towards a successful clinical pathway, helping you to regain your best health and finding a solution to your painful problem.

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