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Pain is the body’s alarm

If you have been injured or experience pain every time you move a particular joint or perform a certain activity, either work or sport related, then your experience of pain is your body’s way of telling you it’s time to get help. Clinic 360 recognises that the pain experience is the body’s natural alarm system and it is the job of the clinician to find out if there is any actual tissue damage.

At Clinic 360 we are experienced in orthopaedic examination, bio-mechanical assessment and diagnostic ultrasound, taking the guesswork out of determining the true nature of your musculoskeletal pain and providing a solution. We treat a range of muscle, bone and joint related pain conditions from neck, shoulder and back pain to ankle, foot and wrist pain. So when your body gives you a painful warning, make that appointment with Clinic 360 and let us find out what the real problem is.

To learn more about how Clinic 360 performs a diagnostic assessment please click the link to our section on Diagnosis.





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Josh Wheatley
MSc Phys, MCSP, HCPC, PgC med ultrasound

Chris Creaghan
BSc(Hons) Phys MCSP , HCPC, Dip Ortho Med, Dip Inj Therapy, Independent Prescriber