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Winter aches

For many people Winter is a time of decreased activity and increasingly painful joints. If you’re not lucky enough to escape to the sunshine then maybe you could benefit from a visit to Clinic 360.

There are two key reasons as to why an older joint can cause pain. Firstly, the degenerative changes will affect the joints mechanical performance. The surfaces don’t quite slide and glide as they used to. The second factor is the bodies inflammatory process and chemical changes within the joint.

With a combination of mechanical and inflammatory changes, many people suffer with aching and painful joints over the winter period, but it doesn’t have to be so bad.

At Clinic 360 we perform a clinical examination which includes an ultrasound scan. This allows us to test for joint range of movement and stability as well as identify swollen tissues and degenerative changes along with inflammation.

For many people we can help optimise their joint alignment and improve muscle strength to support the joint, we can also administer ultrasound guided injections directly into the inflamed tissue.

The most common injection for supressing inflammation is corticosteroid, other solutions used to help address chemical changes within a joint include Ostenil.

If you are limping or struggle to reach up, suffering with stiffness when getting up after rest or experience a constant ache in any of your joints then please call Clinic 360 to see how we are able to help.

Common joints that suffer with degenerative and inflammatory changes include: thumb, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle and the big toes. Obviously, any joint can be affected and that is why a full clinical examination is the first and most important step.

Injections for joints are not a new treatment, but with increasing NHS waiting times many people fail to get the benefit they need at the time they need it the most.

Hip joint injections are also rarely administered by the NHS, but hip joint degeneration is as common as a degenerative shoulder or knee. At Clinic 360, because we use the latest high-performance ultrasound scanner, we can safely inject hip joints with the same accuracy as knees and shoulders.

At £65 for an initial diagnostic examination and only £75 for a guided injection of corticosteroid, why wait in pain.

The image below shows the needle pathway (thin white line) into the hip joint capsule. Only with guidance can any injection be assured of safety and accurate placement of medication.

Ultrasound guided injection

Book online today, or call 0113 286 0316 to find your pathway to better physical well-being with Clinic 360.