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What a pain!

Conversations about pain and health are frequent. We can often discuss how pain affects us and what it feels like. For most people, there are commonly used descriptive terms, nagging, burning, pulsing, aching, throbbing, pins and needles etc. There are approximately 27 words used in the English language to help us detail our own painful experience.

More descriptions can be made when we use the phrase ‘it feels like’. It feels like something is trapped or my bones are rubbing together. Despite our best efforts there are no descriptions that reliably inform us of the true nature of the problem.

Many of the body’s tissues can become affected by trauma, aging, disease and repetitive irritation. Back pain, knee and shoulder pain are all common experiences, but the causative factors that generate this painful experience vary and there are thousands of pathologies, but still only a handful of descriptive words.

The advancement in health care has however allowed us to see beneath the surface of the skin and now we have the ability to peer deep into tissues and help determine the most likely cause of a person’s pain.

One recent area of development is the use of ultrasound scans. Previously ultrasound was only associated with monitoring pregnancy as there are no harmful side effects to the examination. Now, ultrasound is used to accurately assess and diagnose tissue problems within muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

At Clinic 360 we have found many people gain relief from simply being able to see the inflamed tissues or damaged tendons that lurk beneath their skin. Whilst the pain may persist, when the individual gains a clear understanding as to the true nature of their problem, some of the worry associated with pain is eased.

The other key factor to having a tissue based diagnosis as opposed to a diagnosis based on the person’s description of pain is that research can then help determine the most beneficial treatment.

Ultrasound guided injections can help to administer medication in exactly the right place and when linked with specific exercise they can reactivate muscles, improve joint alignment, strength and enhance your physical performance. From the enjoyment of a spring time stroll to the physical demands of cycling uphill; if pain is affecting your quality of life, may be Clinic 360 can shed some light on what the problem is and how it can be effectively managed.

Clinic 360 is a new bespoke musculoskeletal centre based in Garforth, Leeds. Our aim is to treat pain the scientific way and help people enjoy a better quality of life. Over the next few months Clinic 360 will be writing articles on common muscle and bone problems. In the meantime, if you’re in pain please give us a call.

Initial assessment including ultrasound scan is £65.

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