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Mind the old knees!

Knee problems are common and affect the quality of life for many people. Whether the pain limits a person’s ability to run or enjoy a social walk, or the knee hurts at work or even disturbs sleep, it is important to get a professional diagnosis.

For some individuals, their condition may have been linked to pathology because of the way it feels or how they describe their pain experience. The pain felt from a knee joint however, is not a reliable indicator of what the real tissue problem is. A much better way is to clinically assess and scan the joint to look for tissue damage and inflammation.

At Clinic 360 we use high-specification Ultrasound scanners which have the ability to provide a detailed picture of joint swelling, tendon and ligament damage. Linked with expert clinical examination this assessment process can quickly highlight most tissue based problems.

For some individuals, their knee pain experience will be linked to effusion and inflammation. With an accurate diagnosis, excessive joint fluid can be aspirated via guided injections. In a joint with osteoarthritis and degenerative changes it is not uncommon for Clinic 360 to aspirate up to 40ml of fluid. The immediate relief a client gets is significant.

The use of corticosteroids can further supress excessive inflammation, whilst medication such as Hyaluronic acid can aid joint lubrication. Clinic 360 is realistic about treatment outcomes, if a joint is severely degenerated or has significant damage then surgery will be flagged up as a valid consideration. However, most joint problems don’t need surgery and with accurate diagnosis an appropriate treatment can be administered.

For some people part of their problem relates to mechanical irritation because of how they are moving. Do you have good alignment in your legs when climbing stairs or going to sit down? Most people don’t! For many individuals, the alignment of their legs is not even a consideration.

Research has shown that if you want a healthy strong knee then you need to optimise your alignment, strength and pattern of movement. We also know that the strain through the knee joint is increased with dynamic activities such as running or walking downhill and this can produce an impact force of 1.5 to 8 times your body weight. With these faster or more complex movements, Clinic 360 performs a slow-motion bio-mechanical analysis to help reveal where your movement problem is and help shape appropriate rehabilitation.

With a reduction in joint inflammation and improvements in alignment an individual can then start to rebuild the strength of their knee and help regain a quality of life.

At Clinic 360 we can make an appropriate diagnosis and then apply evidence based best practice to get you back on your feet. We specialise in all joints, muscle and bone related problems.


Initial assessment including ultrasound scan is £65.

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