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Hip hip hooray

The largest ball and socket joints in the body are our hips. These joints can operate through a large range of movement and are essential for all our normal activities. The gluteal muscles are the largest muscles in our body and can generate significant power. Any weakness within the gluteal muscles or any restriction to joint movement will compromise our ability to walk and certainly impact on more physical sporting activities. Because the hip joint is a weight bearing structure it also is prone to degenerative changes as we age.

Add in a life time of sitting down and it’s not surprising that our hips can become de-conditioned and are often a cause of both localised pain and secondary problems that can affect the back and knees. With problems arising from both mechanical irritation and inflammation the joint can be painful both when moving and/ or at rest.

In severe degenerative cases of osteoarthritis, the hip joint is not an uncommon joint to be replaced by a metal prosthesis. But what can be done for a person with hip joint problems including mild and moderate osteoarthritis and not in need of surgery, but still in pain?

Ultrasound guided injection

At Clinic 360 with the advancement in technology and the use of the latest ultrasound scanners it is now possible to perform guided injections directly into the hip joint without the expense of minor surgery. The injections when performed under guidance are safe and a very effective way to suppress joint irritation and inflammation.  To quote a recent client, they described the benefits of hip injection therapy as ‘life changing’.

At clinic 360 we can also prescribe effective exercises and deliver one to one Pilates and muscle conditioning programmes. Exercises to help recruit the gluteal muscles and maintain a full joint range of movement are an essential part of optimising the hip joint.

If you limp in the morning, suffer with groin pain or have pain when lying on your side in bed, if your stride length in running or walking is beginning to decrease then maybe your hip joints are not working as well as they could be.

Why not book an appointment at Clinic 360 and let us assess your hip, spine and lower limbs to identify the nature of your problem? We will then scan the problem area and look beneath your skin to determine if there are any signs of significant tissue damage.