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Back Pain

Would spinal injections benefit you?

Back pain is a common problem for much of the population. From the odd niggle to extended time off work to permanent disability, spinal problems affect 80% of the population.

Common causes for back pain include muscle strain, nerve irritation, joint degeneration and inflammation. The bulging or herniated disc is often quoted as a cause of pain and at times can be the culprit.

With regards to management and treatment most people are offered pain medication to supress their nasty experience. This approach alone does not however help to restore the best function of the irritated tissues. It does not fix the underlying problem.

Clinic 360 have previously discussed how most muscle, joint and bone pain typically arises from mechanical irritation and subsequent inflammation. For best management, it is therefore essential that the source of irritation is addressed and the inflammation supressed.

A common area of mechanical irritation includes the spinal facet joints. These are thumb sized joints that help support the spine and consequently degenerate with age. At age 60, over fifty percent of the population will have identifiable facet joint degeneration ( Arthropathy) on radiological images.

Once irritated these structures will initiate a pain response, one that often travels down the individuals leg and it can be mistaken for nerve pain or the much-used term ‘sciatica’.

Whilst mobilisation of these joints can help generate movement, for many people it is the movement and mechanical compression through the joint that is actually causative of irritation and pain.

At Clinic 360, when indicated, we use ultrasound guided injections to administer potent anti-inflammatory medication to minimise inflammation and then deliver rehabilitation focused on movement and core stability. By decreasing inflammation and correcting the spinal mechanics we can help many individuals successfully manage their back pain.

In the past and with fragmented services the success of this approach has not been fully realised. Access to NHS spinal injections is limited and private healthcare costs are prohibitive; often in excess of a thousand pounds.

However, with recent advances in ultrasound technology, ultrasound guided facet joint injections can now be administered safely and effectively within a healthcare setting. This means the costs can be dramatically reduced. Typical facet joint injections including assessment and diagnosis start from £215 at Clinic 360.

With an integrated, professional and timely process, Clinic 360 has the skills, facilities and time to help you realise your best health.

If your fed up with your back problem, lengthy waiting times or high costs for medical care then please contact Clinic 360 and book your appointment.