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The benefits of Ultrasound for muscle and bone problems

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Diagnostic ultrasound has come on leaps and bounds in recent years with the latest technology providing excellent images of deep tissues. Consequently, many previously unseen pathologies can now be identified. At Clinic 360 we can observe, measure and monitor chances to tendons, bursa, the presence of neovascularisation (new blood vessels) and tissue inflammation. The image opposite shows a tear within the calf muscle. It is […]

Common pain complaints

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What are the most common pain complaints seen at Clinic 360? At Clinic 360, the majority of people we see have a mechanical irritation in one or more parts of their body. This further leads to an increased inflammatory response. This principle relates to all anatomical areas. Common problems arising in the spine, shoulders, knees and hips. Specific problems include shoulder […]

When do you need to take notice of your pain?

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So many of us put up with muscular and skeletal pain, writing it off as getting older or the odd tweak – what is a signifier that the pain is more serious and needs to be examined? Pain is the body’s defence messenger, it is a feedback system that lets us know if something could be […]

Winter aches

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For many people Winter is a time of decreased activity and increasingly painful joints. If you’re not lucky enough to escape to the sunshine then maybe you could benefit from a visit to Clinic 360. There are two key reasons as to why an older joint can cause pain. Firstly, the degenerative changes will affect […]

Hip hip hooray

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The largest ball and socket joints in the body are our hips. These joints can operate through a large range of movement and are essential for all our normal activities. The gluteal muscles are the largest muscles in our body and can generate significant power. Any weakness within the gluteal muscles or any restriction to […]

Shoulder SOS

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Shoulder SOS Alistair and Johnny Brownlee will propel their body’s 1.5km through Round Hay Park Lake in the World Cup Triathlon event by performing over one thousand swimming strokes. Each stroke involves a full shoulder range of movement, strength and technique. There is no margin for error. For most other people, we often take our […]

Mind the old knees!

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Knee problems are common and affect the quality of life for many people. Whether the pain limits a person’s ability to run or enjoy a social walk, or the knee hurts at work or even disturbs sleep, it is important to get a professional diagnosis. For some individuals, their condition may have been linked to […]

Back Pain

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Would spinal injections benefit you? Back pain is a common problem for much of the population. From the odd niggle to extended time off work to permanent disability, spinal problems affect 80% of the population. Common causes for back pain include muscle strain, nerve irritation, joint degeneration and inflammation. The bulging or herniated disc is […]

What a pain!

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Conversations about pain and health are frequent. We can often discuss how pain affects us and what it feels like. For most people, there are commonly used descriptive terms, nagging, burning, pulsing, aching, throbbing, pins and needles etc. There are approximately 27 words used in the English language to help us detail our own painful […]