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Chronic Migraine Treatment

Clinic 360 understands the debilitating effects of chronic migraines. We are also aware of the medical benefits that Migraine Injections can provide in managing this problem. As a specialist clinic in the administration of injection therapy for medical conditions, Clinic 360 provides high level diagnosis and specialist treatment at affordable prices. Please see below for more details on how Migraine Injections could help change your life.

Effective treatment for chronic migraines

Cheryl Creaghan  (Specialist Headache Clinician) is one of only five clinical specialist educators in the UK

With 25 years’ clinical experience in neurology. Cheryl has spent the last 16 years dedicated to enhancing the care of patients suffering chronic migraines. Cheryl is one of only five clinical educators in the UK with a licence to train other practitioners in the administration of Migraine injections.

Why not have the best treatment administered by one of country’s leading practitioners?

Treatment provided

Dependant on your specific condition and your diagnosis we offer a variety of treatments tailored to you as an individual. These include:

  • Lifestyle management
  • Medication review
  • Migraine injections for the specific treatment of chronic migraine.
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