About us

Clinic 360 is a private clinic, based in Garforth, Leeds, providing the very best diagnostics and treatment for all your musculoskeletal pain issues; shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, hip pain, neck pain, ankle pain, elbow pain and wrist pain. We also treat sports injuries and long-term pain issues.

Treating pain the scientific way

The science behind pain has changed over the years and it is now proven that there are many factors that can influence a person’s pain experience. By offering a fresh approach to your healthcare problems Clinic 360 can identify tissue-based problems along with recognition of bio-mechanical problems and pain as a disease in its own right.

Our highly trained and highly specialised practitioners are experienced in the clinical use of ultrasound for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal (MSK) pain. By linking diagnosis with guided injection therapy, specific rehabilitation and correction of movement dysfunction; Clinic 360 can help you optimise your physical wellbeing.

In short, our mission is to:

  • improve accessibility to MSK specialist treatment
  • simplify the patient journey and
  • provide a first class level of care

By understanding the nature and complexities of pain, Clinic 360 will provide detailed education on what is wrong and how best it can be treated. Clinical 360 recognises the importance of understanding our clients’ needs and by employing the latest techniques and approaches to pain management it can help you to turn your life around.

For long-term pain, sports induced pain or pain from generative joints or injury; Clinical 360 can provide you with a solution to your problem. Offering the highest levels of MSK clinical expertise we also aim to provide exceptional patient care.

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Our team

Josh Wheatley
MSc Phys, MCSP, HCPC, PgD Med Ultrasound, Dip Inj Therapy, Independent Prescriber

Chris Creaghan
BSc(Hons) Phys MCSP , HCPC, Dip Ortho Med, Dip Inj Therapy, Independent Prescriber